2 August 2008

I travelled across Britain for three years, from August 2004 to August 2007. Most of the trips were done on weekends although I have taken some longer trips. I had the initial idea of publishing this as a book but I realised must later and only recently that publishers look for something else. After a few rejections from various publishing houses, I decided to publish it online as a blog. I am sure a handful of people would find some things here useful.

You may use this page to send me any comments you may have.

Happy reading!

Arvind Padmanabhan


6 responses

14 06 2009

I can’t remember now how I stumbled on this great blog. Nor do I know whether I will stumble upon it again. No matter. For a while I was transported to my own country, but as seen through the eyes of another. Every bit as interesting as seeing a new country with one’s own eyes.

Keep writing Mr Padmanabhan. Perhaps you could write about how India looks now that your eyes have changed?

1 07 2009

Yes, Andrew. I have recently started my Indian travel blog @ this URL:

20 01 2010

Hi there, I’ve just read your blog about Stoney Middleton in Derbyshire. I’m the person who designs the main well that you described. I have taken on the task for another year and I’m inspired by your appreciation of our local custom to pull out all the stops and haul myself into a weeks long labour with my village folk to pull this off! 100’s of hours go into producing he wells but its well worth it if even one person such as yourself enjoys visiting us. many thanks from all of us in stoney middleton… a village with a massive heart and great community spirit.. enjoy your travels.. beautifully written. Joy Mason

27 01 2010

Wonderful. One more year of hard work but I suppose you enjoy it. Good luck.

7 11 2010

I’m adding the 2 blog links to mine as I would love reading it when time allows – and for me – it will only be over the long holidays…unfortunately. Great writing, very well done!

9 11 2010

Nice reading your blog as well. Will visit it once in a while.

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